How to apply for the Good to Go award 2019


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The Good to Go Award is about celebrating restaurants and takeaway businesses that have made environmentally-friendly changes in 2019. See our ten key sustainability areas below:


1. Celebrate local and seasonal

2. Serve more veg and better meat

3. Source fish responsibly

4. Support global farmers

5. Treat staff fairly

6. Support the community

7. Feed people well

8. Value natural resources

9. Reduce, reuse, recycle

10. Waste no food

Have you focused on anything in your restaurant or takeaway, such as food waste, plastic packaging or meat reduction? Read the questions below, and tell us about something you have done well this year. Fill in your answers with as much detail as possible – the more information the better! The entry deadline is Friday 20th September

If you’d like to know more about membership of the SRA and how you can help to drive the sustainable food movement, then please get in touch!

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