for the business doing most to value staff through pay & beyond the paycheque.

The Breakfast Club, London and South East

As well as pioneering extended breaks for managers,
the destination diner proves that motivating staff is a marathon not a sprint – literally.
They’ve supported dozens of team members to complete a series of the 26m races.


Cafe St Honoré, Edinburgh

A four-day, 45-hour week, combined with a large sprinkling of humanity
is chef-director Neil Forbes’ winning recipe. Violence, bullying and substance abuse
found in some kitchens are replaced by camaraderie, mentoring and at least one daily shared meal.





LP Food at Work

For leading the way on fair pay.
Not only does this caterer ensure all staff receive at least the London Living Wage,
but they also campaigning for other to follow their lead.

Sponsored by Freedom Brewery

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 Support the community

for the business making food do good as well as taste good in its area.

The Breakfast Club, London and South East

Not content with creating an outstanding volunteering programme
of its own, has created a movement, helping restaurants devise their own ways
of creating good days for their employees, charities, and their users.


Harissa Kitchen, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A lunch club for lonely locals serves customers a hearty, healthy meal,
as well as classes on nutrition and cooking is this social enterprise restaurant’s
generous commitment to its Newcastle neighbourhood.






Nando’s, UK-wide

More than 500 charities have served 600,000 meals thanks to the
No Chuckin’ our Chicken initiative. Now they’ve helped a number of
fellow high street brands feed their communities.

Sponsored by One Gin

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for the business doing the most to support adults and kids make good choices when eating out.

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Taking the healthy body, healthy mind mantra to the max,
this uni succeeds not just by encouraging students to eat well
but also engaging them in designing delicious, nutritious dishes.


Farmacy Kitchen, London

Trend setters in making vegan popular. Founder Camilla Fayed has been at the forefront
of the vegan revolution putting plant-based eating on the map.
With the addition of its own farm, customers can now enjoy homegrown veg and
those who can’t make it to the restaurant, can enjoy the Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook.






Gather and Gather, Bristol

Sales of healthy meals and snacks has soared and the average BMI
of the 9,000 employees at the caterer’s client have fallen by more than 10%,
as new menus and major marketing push have taken hold.

Sponsored by Ozone Coffee Roasters

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