2018 winners

The awards are about celebrating our fantastic winners, but also providing successful formulas that can be emulated in foodservice & supplier businesses around the world. Find your inspiration here.

Winning stories

Our framework informs our awards

Foodservice Providers

Ten categories are aligned to the SRA Sustainability Framework that we use to measure our Sustainability Rating. You must be a member of the SRA to enter these categories, and you must have completed your Sustainability Rating by Friday 29th June in order to be eligible. Shortlisting will be conditional on achieving 70% in the category entered.

Two more categories, Open Right (celebrating a site opened in the last 12 months with sustainability built in) and Good To Go (for the restaurant doing the most to prove that you don’t have to remove principles when serving food to go), are also open for application but this time for both SRA members and non-members. Please let us know if you’re interested in becoming a member, and we can talk you through your options!

Head to our How To page to see the application titles in action.


Any supplier with progressive products or services that facilitate positive sustainable change are welcome to enter the Food Made Good Supplier of the Year Award, and are not required to complete a Sustainability Rating.

The application form is exactly the same as that used by foodservice businesses. Head to our How To page to see the application titles in action.

Categories that are judged by selection

Once again we’ve teamed up with Delicious Magazine to find the People’s Favourite Restaurant. In June 2017, Delicious readers nominated a total of 500 restaurants, which were then handed over to a panel of expert judges including Chef Tom Hunt, Del editor Karen Barnes and SRA Chief Executive Andrew Stephen. Have your say and you could win a mini-break at Food Made Good Award winner Les Orangeries, an idyllic boutique hotel in Western France, travelling Business Premier style courtesy of SRA member, Eurostar!

Other awards that are selected by our panel of judges are the Food Made Good Champion (for the business doing the most to promote positive change via the Food Made Good online community), the Food Made Good Business of the Year (for the business that’s excelling in all areas of sustainability, and hitting top scores in the 2018 Sustainability Rating) and the Raymond Blanc Sustainable Hero Award.

Sourcing Pillar


Celebrate Local & Seasonal

This award is designed to recognise the foodservice business demonstrating real innovation to make the most of the larder on its doorstep. With more than half of the food on our plates imported, Brexit just months away and consumers passion for provenance growing, there’s never been a better time to help shape our food culture. Successful submissions in this category will demonstrate smart ways of showcasing the best of British, both in terms of the produce you put on the plate and the men and women working tirelessly to grow, rear and create it.

Serve More Veg & Better Meat

Placing plant-based dishes front and centre of the menu, upping the proportion of veg on the menu, using only higher welfare meat or going nuts for nose to tail – just some of the creative ways operators can meet diners’ demand and the environmental imperative and impress the Food Made Good Awards judges.

Source Fish Responsibly

Knowing exactly which fish are plentiful, in season and being caught in a way that doesn’t adversely the other fish in the sea can be a complicated – and even harder for your customers to understand. From simple steps like removing the least sustainable species and communicating your policy clearly to both your suppliers and diners, to switching to less fashionable fish and achieving MSC certification, there’s a net-full of ways to land this award.

Support Global Farmers

This award is for the foodservice businesses having the biggest impact on the lives and land of farmers growing food for them thousands of miles away. Operators have proved in recent years that there’s a whole lot more to this than just serving coffee and tea that secures farmers a fair price. The judges will be looking for examples of going above and beyond, helping to build thriving communities and a healthy environment.

Society Pillar

Treat Staff Fairly

Flexible hours, equitable tipping policies, extensive training opportunities and support for mental and physical wellbeing are just some of the ways that progressive employers in the sector are demonstrating a commitment to value their staff – beyond the paycheque. We’ll be looking for a business whose forward thinking employment practices can inspire their industry colleagues as well encourage more to pursue a career in the sector.

Support the Community

is designed to recognise businesses that make food do good as well as taste good. It’s what hospitality is all about and operators can be a genuine local hub. The judges of this category will be looking for examples of inclusive employment practices, support for local charities and organisations that goes beyond financial donations and examples of real engagement with the local community.

Feed People Well

While eating out is still a treat for many, rising rates of obesity and dietary diseases mean operators have a responsibility to feed people well. A winning entry for this award could include a smart initiative to get kids to eat more veg, the introduction of lower salt and sugar options or a radical review of the menu to provide customers with a range delicious choices.

Environment Pillar

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Value Natural Resources

Whether on site or embedded in their food, foodservice businesses are huge consumers of natural resources. UK restaurants use as much electricity as the whole nation of Costa Rica and food production accounts for 14% of all greenhouse gases. So, the judges of this category will be looking for examples of businesses redesigning operations to better preserve energy and water, whether that’s installing more efficient equipment, changing the behaviour of their staff or taking advantage of smart new technologies.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Cups, bottles and straws. Just three huge waste streams in our sector. We’re drowning in a growing tide of packaging. Through a raft of sustainable schemes operators are helping to turn the tide of waste. This award will be won by the business that’s most effective in reducing the volume of waste going to landfill, whether that’s by changing its operating model, introducing new and better products or finding ways to help customers make the right decisions to minimise waste.

Waste No Food

This category is designed to recognise businesses using the very best ways to ensure food goes on the plate and not in the bin. Food waste costs the average restaurant almost £19,000. And yet, three quarters of it is avoidable. Creating dishes that design out waste, establishing a redistribution network ensuring food is eaten not discarded or finding new uses for old ingredients, are all the kind of initiatives that could win over our judges in this category.

Selected categories


Food Made Good Supplier of the Year

Behind every great sustainable hospitality business is an awesome array of suppliers. They have the power to facilitate massive positive change. We’re looking for a business that is helping demonstrably to drive the foodservice sector forward on the key sustainability issues.

Open Right

The Open Right award is a fantastic opportunity for any restaurant launched in the last 12 months (since 1 June 2017) to showcase the sustainable innovations, either conceptual or practical it has built in from the start. Maybe the menu has been created to waste no food, or perhaps all the building materials and kitchen equipment are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. The award is open for all UK restaurants and all SRA Members.

Good to Go

In recognition of the huge ongoing growth of this part of the sector, already worth £10bn a year, the SRA is looking to reward a business whose main focus is takeaway (more than 50%). It’s an opportunity to highlight ways in which they are driving the sector forward – whether that’s helping customers use the power of their appetites wisely, pioneering sustainable packaging options or forging a new positive delivery model. This award is open to all UK restaurants and all SRA members.

People's Favourite Restaurant

For the restaurant serving food that does good as well as tastes good, as voted for by delicious. magazine readers.

Raymond Blanc Sustainability Hero

For the individual doing the most to create positive change in the food system.

Food Made Good Champion

For the business doing the most to promote positive change via the Food Made Good online community.

Food Made Good Business of the Year

For the business that’s excelling in all areas of sustainability, and hitting top scores in the Food Made Good rating 2018.