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The Food Made Good Awards 2019 are open for submissions until 13 September.

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Members Awards

Celebrate Local & Seasonal

This award recognises the business demonstrating real innovation to make the most of their local larder. There’s never been a better time to shape our food culture. Successful submissions in this category will demonstrate smart ways of showcasing the best of British, both the produce on the plate, and the people working tirelessly to grow, rear and create it.

Serve More Veg & Better Meat

Placing plant-based dishes front and centre, upping the proportion of veg on the menu, using only higher welfare meat or going nuts for nose to tail – just some of the creative ways operators can meet diners’ demand and the environmental imperative to reduce our ‘foodprint’ as well as impress the Food Made Good Awards judges.

Source Fish Responsibly

From simple steps like removing the least sustainable seafood species from the menu and communicating your policy clearly to both suppliers and diners, to switching to less fashionable species and achieving ASC or MSC certification, there’s a net-full of ways to land this award and ensure there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Support Global Farmers

This category rewards foodservice businesses having the biggest impact on the lives and land of farmers thousands of miles away. Operators have proved that there’s a whole lot more to this than just serving coffee and tea that secures farmers a fair price. The judges will be looking for initiatives building thriving communities and a healthy environment.

Treat Staff Fairly

Flexible hours, equitable tipping policies, extensive training opportunities and support for mental and physical wellbeing are just some of the ways that progressive employers in the sector are demonstrating a commitment to value their staff – beyond the paycheque. We’ll be looking for a business that’s devised a formula to encourage more to pursue a career in the sector

Support the Community

The judges of this category will be looking for examples of inclusive employment practices, support for local charities and organisations that go above and beyond financial donations as well as examples of real engagement with the community both on the doorstep and further afield.

Feed People Well

While eating out remains a treat for many, rising obesity rates mean operators have a responsibility to feed people well. A winning entry for this award could include a smart initiative to get kids to eat more veg, calorie counting, or a radical review of the menu to provide customers with a range of delicious choices.

Value Natural Resources

A typical restaurant using brown energy produces more than 13,000kg of C02 a year, equivalent to the emissions from driving a car non-stop for 21 days. The judges will be looking for businesses that have switched on to better preserve energy and water, whether that’s through smart equipment, changing the behaviour of staff or installing smart technology.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Plastic straws and stirrers will shortly be banned. Clingfilm, takeaway coffee cups or plastic bottles of water– just three more ubiquitous items that operators and their customers are discovering they can replace. Share your story of getting drastic with plastic and packaging for a chance to win this category.

Waste No Food

The average restaurant wastes 18% of its food and yet three quarters of that is avoidable. This category recognises businesses employing the most impactful ways to ensure food is eaten not binned. Creating dishes that design out waste or establishing a redistribution network ensuring food is eaten not discarded – submit your waste wins to scoop this award.

The Food Made Good Champion

Working independently we can make positive change to our businesses. Working as an industry we can fix food. This champion is an individual working for a foodservice who supplier member of the SRA who has, since May 2018 helped broker positive change beyond their own business by sharing knowledge and solutions.

Supplier of the Year

Behind every great sustainable hospitality business is an army of suppliers. They have the power to facilitate massive positive change. We’re looking for a business that is measurably helping to drive foodservice forward on the key sustainability issues. The winning submission, from an SRA Supplier, will highlight an initiative that’s helped foodservice tackle one of those big issues.

Industry Awards

Chef of the Year - NEW

Chefs have huge potential to influence what we eat, both within their restaurants and beyond. Any chef can win this new category provided they convince the judges of their commitment to lead as well as feed, by demonstrating the positive impact of a bold new menu, introduced since May 2018.

One Planet Plate Award - NEW

These planet-friendly dishes are chefs’ recipes for a sustainable food future helping diners eat their way to beating the tastiest challenge on the planet – climate change. The judges will be looking for the One Planet Plate that’s had the biggest impact, through sales, customer feedback and promotion.

Product of the Year - NEW

This category will reward a single, new product or service that’s had a measurable, positive effect on foodservice, the food system or consumer behaviour. This award is open to all UK businesses supplying foodservice with traditional products, apps, a service-led product or technological solution.

Good to Go

This category showcases operators that prove you don’t have to ditch principles when taking away food. Specifically, the winner will need to demonstrate successful initiatives to reduce food waste, single use plastic and meat on the menu. This award is open to all UK restaurants for whom at least half of their revenue comes from takeaway or delivery.

Open Right

Open to any restaurant that served its first meal since May 2018, the winner of this category must make a compelling case for how sustainability was an integral part of both ‘venue and menu’. The judges will be looking for a winning recipe to minimise the impact of the business from day one.

Nominated Awards

Raymond Blanc Sustainability Hero

SRA President Raymond Blanc OBE’s personal award for an individual who has used their influence to create substantial positive change to the food system. Past winners include: Jamie Oliver, Professor Tim Lang and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Food Made Good Business of the Year

For the restaurant or foodservice business excelling in all areas of sustainability – achieving the highest overall score in the Food Made Good Sustainability Rating 2019

The People’s Favourite Restaurant

We’ve teamed up again with our friends at delicious.magazine to find the People’s Favourite Restaurant; a place serving up great food with a conscience. Anyone can nominate the restaurant dishing up their favourite, tastiest plates of planet friendly food for the chance to win a fabulous stay at THE PIG-near Bath. Nominations are open all July and voting will open on the final five in September.