The Food Made Good Awards are an annual celebration of everything that’s good about the foodservice industry and the incredible people who work in it.

It’s not just about celebrating the winners, but also sharing the secrets of success. By doing this we can motivate and inspire others, as well as impart solutions to challenges that affect all businesses.

We reward businesses across all aspects of their operation; from how they source their food, to how they dispose of it. Ten of the categories are built around the SRA’s Sustainability Framework, highlighting best practice in the areas that make up a ‘good’ restaurant or food service business. All seventeen awards are open to SRA members, however there are two awards that non-members can enter. For example, ANY restaurant launched in the last twelve months with sustainability at their core can enter the Open Right category, sponsored by Shaftesbury. Check out our Categories page to see which ones suit you, and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

The 2017 winners demonstrated the diversity of businesses excelling in environmental excellence and shining in social inclusion. This year the categories remain the same, but the judging process will be a little different as we call on the expertise of past winners, specialist partner organisations and our sponsors.

As the stories become more inspiring, so do the ceremonies. For two years the awards have blossomed at the Royal Horticultural Halls, and 2018 promises yet more extravagance. Taking place on October 1st at Fest Camden, we’re talking awesome location, killer canapes and drinks to match. Stay tuned for more information.

Sustainability Rating

If the Food Made Good Awards are the embodiment of excellence, our Sustainability Rating is the barometer.

The Sustainability Rating captures the efforts and activity of food service businesses across the three main pillars of sustainability: Sourcing (the food on our plates), Environment (our impact on the planet), and Society (our relationship with people).

To be eligible for an award, you must have a valid Sustainability Rating, with 70% or over in the corresponding category entered.

The awards application deadline will close on Friday 24th August.





With 350 varieties of homegrown fruit’n’veg & a progressive approach to just about everything, Bæst and Mirabelle epitomise Food Made Good.

Customers at Bæst, in the fashionable Nørrebro area, can also enjoy pizza with mozzarella made on site every day using milk from the farm’s 15-cow herd. To complement the Italian theme, Bæst’s chefs also make salami toppings using pigs from a local free-range drove.

In a bid to make the most of their own fabulous food and keep waste to a minimum, whey from the cheese-making process is used to make croissants in the bakery, where customers are incentivised to use reusable bags with a 10% discount on baked goods.

Surplus bread is sent to their chicken supplier and coffee grounds to a mushroom grower while gluts of fruit and vegetables are pickled and fermented. This is typical of Bæst’s progressive approach to business. All their electricity comes from hydro-electric power and they are reducing energy use by 10% a year.

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